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Keyesville Classic AMSR

All-Mountain Stage Race

Rules Cliff Notes Version


  • RACE ALL THREE EVENTS ON SAME BIKE. (short track, XC, and downhill)




Keyesville Classic All Mountain

Keyesville Classic

All-Mountain Stage Race Rules

  1. Registration: Participants must register as “all mountain” racers in the XC, ST, and SD races. Participants must race in the same category for all disciplines. Participants cannot retroactively register after the close of XC registration on the Saturday morning.

  2. The Same Bike: Participants must ride exactly the same bike with no exchange of any parts. Single Speed racers you must use the same gearing for all events.

  3. Mechanical Issues: Bicycle parts or components may not be exchanged for different parts, however, in the case of mechanical issues requiring replacement parts, only equivalent parts are allowed. If such equivalent replacement parts are not available, participants can petition the race official to allow the modifications. It will be at the race officials’ discretion whether to allow, deny, or issue a points penalty for modifications.

  4. Bike/Equipment Adjustments: Bike adjustments are permitted. Adjustments include any change to the bike that does not require addition, removal or exchange of any components. Allowed adjustments include: Tire pressure, air shock pressure, saddle height or position, handlebar height or position, geometry adjustments (lowered fork, different shock mount points, etc), cockpit adjustments such as lever positioning.4.

  5. Rider attire: Helmets are required for all racers. There are no other restrictions on rider attire (helmets, shoes, gloves, body armor, etc), other than the requirement for ansi-approved helmets. You may wear a different helmet or different attire for each discipline.

  6. Individual Event Races: All Mountain racers will also compete and be eligible for Age and Category positions for each individual discipline in which they race.

  7. All Mountain Categories: See the current year race flyer or the registration page for current categories.

  8. Scoring: The winning point score will be the highest point score per age category/gender. Points will be awarded as follows to the top 10 places in each category:

  • 1st, 20pts

  • 2nd, 19pts

  • 3rd, 18pts

  • 4th, 17pts

  • 5th, 16pts

  • 6th, 15pts

  • 7th, 14pts

  • ..............

  • .............

  • 20th, 1pt

Points are awarded for each event for 1st thru 20th ONLY for riders doing the stage race. If a rider places in the top 20 of a particular race and are NOT doing the stage race the points are awarded to the next person who IS doing the stage race. You do however collect the prize for that race if you place in a podium spot.  General classification for riders who do not have any points OR multiple riders with the same points are placed for the overall in the order of finish of the most recent single race.

  1. DNF’s: All mountain stage race riders must complete all three disciplines (ST, SD and XC). If a participant is a DNF (Did not Finish) in any of the three disciplines, he or she is automatically disqualified from the all-mountain stage race, but may continue to compete for single stage prizes.

  2. Judging: Preliminary results will be posted as soon as they are available for each race. Once results are posted, racers will have 15 minutes to file an appeal or protest with race officials. If adjustments are made as a result of a protest or any other reason, there will be an additional 15 minute appeal period after the adjusted results are posted. After all protest periods have passed, decisions of the race officials are final.

  3. Tie-breaking: In the event of a tie for the AMSR winner of any category we reserve the right to either use the higher placed finish from the last event OR there will be a 100 meter Big Ring Drag race. 

And above all, have FUN.

Also, be honorable to the Classic. Don’t cheat!

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